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Oral Hygiene in Children

Why is Oral Hygiene So Important in Children?

The habits that we must follow to keep our mouths clean become of vital importance during the development of children. They don’t know at first why they have to brush their teeth and rinse their mouth several times a day. It is the duty of adults to motivate them and teach them how to do it so that they take it as a habit in their day-to-day.

Dental problems in children

Poor dental care can put your child’s health at risk.

Three very typical problems usually appear at these ages:

Bad occlusion

It is one of the most serious dental problems. When we talk about malocclusion, we are referring to defective development of the teeth and the jaw, making it difficult to chew food and modifying the aesthetics of the mouth.

It is important to go to a dentist in Vikaspuri as soon as possible for diagnosis and subsequent treatment.


Another of the most common problems and that affects people of all ages. However, children and young people are at greater risk if they have not yet acquired a good tooth brushing habit. In addition, a poor diet with excess sugar can increase the problem.

Although it seems a common problem and not too serious, it is important to treat it as soon as possible as it can eventually lead to the temporary loss of dental pieces, a bad occlusion and the incorrect positioning of the teeth.

Dental trauma

Especially they occur when they are beginning to walk or in the cases in which the child plays some sport. It is important that, if the child hits the jaw, for example,  the dentist in Janakpuri is consulted as soon as possible to see if there has been damage to the teeth.

Tips for maintaining good oral hygiene in children

• Brush your teeth at least twice a day.

• Establish a brushing order.

• Brush your teeth one by one.

• Use complementary rinses.

• Control what they eat between meals.

Acquisition of child habits

Commonly, children do not want to visit a dentist, but in the case of not visiting the dentist in Delhi periodically, there may be problems in their oral hygiene.

These are some of the tips that we give you to promote the acquisition of good habits to brush your teeth:

1. Encourage them

Sometimes, although they are too young, they want to start brushing on their own. It is important to let them try and congratulate them on it. Then parents can do a review to check that everything is clean.

2. Lead by example

Children often imitate what they see in adults. If you let yourself be seen brushing your teeth, rinsing, etc., the child will begin to try it for himself.

3. Choose the best brush option for your child

Use coloured or animal-shaped brushes that catch their attention and feed their curiosity.

4. Use pleasant flavours

When choosing the right toothpaste, it is important to avoid strong flavours such as mint. It is best to opt for milder and more pleasant flavours such as strawberry.

5. Emphasize to them the importance of maintaining a healthy mouth

Especially when the child is still too young to brush his teeth himself, it is important to talk about the benefits that this entails.