orthognathic surgery in VikaspuriWhat is orthognathic surgery?

The orthognathic surgery in Vikaspuri, Delhi is a surgical procedure that ensures correct deformities dento-maxillofacial skull to achieve the perfect balance between all the facial features of the patient. This type of facial alterations appear in the growth phase of the person and stabilize at the end of it.


When a patient who is a candidate for orthognathic surgery goes to the dental clinic in Vikaspuri, the medical team performs a complete analysis of his face. All the elements that compose it are studied exhaustively: jaw, maxilla, zygomatic bones, nose, orbital regions, teeth and all the soft tissues that cover the facial skeleton and the cervical region.

In the same way that all these components form an indivisible whole, the maxillofacial surgeon in Delhi must also assess morphology and function together. Thus, when attempting to harmonize a face, the whole dento-cranial-maxillofacial complex with its various aesthetic and functional elements must be evaluated holistically. The best dentist in Vikaspuri conceives functionality and aesthetics as a whole. 


Orthognathic surgery has a close relationship with the orthodontics. Thus, the correction of dento-cranial-maxillofacial deformities is always teamwork between the orthodontist and the maxillofacial surgeon in Delhi.

In the conventional treatment scheme, orthodontics-orthognathic surgery-orthodontics, the mission of presurgical orthodontics is to eliminate the existing dental compensations and provide the surgeon with a stable and adequate structure between the upper and lower arches to carry out the planned skeletal movements. For its part, postoperative orthodontics is essential to establish an adequate final occlusion.

The maxillofacial surgeon in Delhi of the clinic is coordinated with the best orthodontist in Vikaspuri. During the treatment of a case susceptible to orthognathic surgery, both professionals, maxillofacial surgeon, and orthodontist in Janakpuri make sure to know the essential aspects of diagnosis and treatment. In addition, they must agree fully on the proposed treatment and the way of carrying it out so that the patient accepts it with full confidence.