Repair of Broken Teeth in VikaspuriIn dreams it is a bad omen, in reality, the broken tooth is a bitter rival of the smile. It may happen that, accidentally, you break a tooth by taking a shot, falling on a bike or a motorcycle, even eating something very crunchy you may risk chipping it. If the nightmare from the dream becomes reality,  modern dental techniques, fortunately, can intervene and repair broken teeth. How many solutions exist? We explain it here.

Treatment Options

The first step is to visit the dentist in Vikaspuri to solve the problem and proceed with the reconstruction of the “compromised” teeth. The second step begins with the evaluation of the fracture and leads to the choice of the most suitable remedy, based on the severity level.

Here are the treatments and answers to your possible questions:

1) Dental filling, when the break is very small (little more than chipping). If the repair involves the front tooth, the dentist will resort to bonding, which consists in applying or filling the tooth with a whitish composite resin that will be shaped and hardened with ultraviolet light.

2) Composite reconstruction, when the remaining piece of a tooth is well anchored to the gum. What is composite? It is soft and easy to handle material that gives our teeth the most appropriate shape. It is available in various colors, the best dentist in Vikaspuri will choose the color most similar to the natural color of our teeth.

How does it apply? The composite is applied directly to the lesion and shaped at the time until it gives the tooth its original shape. Subsequently, with a special light that crystallizes the molecular structure, the compound will be made to harden just like a natural tooth.

Results: a reconstructed tooth where it will be difficult to recognize the “fake” part from the real one.

3) Ceramic veneersThe reconstruction will involve the entire front surface of the tooth which will be covered with a ceramic veneer and will correct the defects of the original tooth. Also, in this case, it is assumed that the tooth is alive and vital.

What is the dental veneer? It is a thin porcelain or resin shell that covers the entire front of the tooth (much like a fake nail that covers a real nail) with a thicker section made to replace the broken part of the tooth.

How is it made? The dentist in Janakpuri will have to remove about 0.3 – 1.2 millimeters of enamel from the surface and based on the tooth impression, the dental laboratory will prepare the veneer. To position the dental veneer, the best dentist in Janakpuri applies a special cement to the tooth. Once the lining is in place, the dentist uses a special light to activate the chemicals in the cement and harden them quickly. This method is widely used in the aesthetic field.

When do you prefer the aesthetic facets to the composite reconstruction? In the case of dental erosion, when the color is dissimilar to the original as a result of the fracture or other special situations.

How long do they last? Facets, attached to the tooth with a cementing substance, can last for several years, even more than 10 years, a new reconstruction will then be necessary.

4) Devitalization and ceramic capsules, for a deeper reconstruction, when the lesion is more important, the dentist in Uttam Nagar devitalize the tooth. The pulp could be more exposed to bacteria in the mouth and risk infection of the dental tissue with, in the worst case, necrosis of the pulp tissue and tooth extraction.

What is root canal therapyWe start with the removal of the pulp, the cleaning of the root canal and subsequent sealing. In some cases, the tooth must be covered with a crown to protect it. The capsule used is different from the facet, covering the entire original tooth as if it were “plugged”. Before the application of the capsule, a pin will be inserted into the tooth necessary to confer resistance (if the tooth underneath, which must support the capsule, should break again, the capsule would also fall). Then the ceramic is inserted and glued through the cementing substance that will bind the tooth and the prosthesis.

Broken or chipped teeth, how to take care of them?

When, due to an accidental event, a tooth is broken or splintered, the first thing to do is go to the dentist in Tilak Nagar. What can happen if care is not taken immediately? The possibility of infection is very high and if no action is taken in time you can risk the total loss of the tooth.

Three precautionary measures:

  • if you have pain, as normal, take a painkiller and rinse with salt water to disinfect.
  • if the broken tooth has a sharp side, cover the part with a piece of paraffin or sugar-free chewing gum so as to prevent the part from cutting the tongue.
  • prefer soft foods and avoid biting on the broken tooth so as not to make the situation worse.