Dental implant in Vikaspuri

Dental Implantology

Dental implant in Vikaspuri is a procedure to replace the missing teeth with as many artificial roots anchored to the bone.

The loss of natural teeth has always been a debilitating event, both for functionality and for the aesthetics of the mouth. Before the advent of dental implantology, restoration was made possible only by means of prostheses fixed to the teeth adjacent to the missing ones: a demolition intervention, which provided for the filing to receive the crowns that would have supported the missing tooth. When the number and quality of natural teeth were not favorable to the construction of fixed prostheses, the replacement of the missing teeth included, instead, the application of partial or total mobile prostheses.

These devices are disappearing today thanks to the progress made in the field of the prevention of dental caries and periodontopathic, which have reduced the loss of dental elements, but also thanks to the dental implant in Uttam Nagar that allowed their stable replacement, even in cases of a complete loss.

With the use of the dental implant in Janakpuri, it was no longer necessary to involve intact teeth to replace missing teeth, nor to apply dentures or in any case mobile artefacts.

Insertion of an implant and its uses.

Dental implant in Vikaspuri is generally surgically inserted under local anaesthesia. After healing, the artificial root serves as the base for the visible end of the tooth.

In some cases, with an immediate loading implant technique, in 24 hours after surgery, the patient can be rehabilitated without having to wait for the clinical healing time of the implant. Contrary to what one might think, in most cases, dental implant in Uttam Nagar is not painful or even expensive and has a very high success rate.

Anatomy of dental implants

A dental implant essentially consists of three parts:

  • PLANT OR PILLAR a structure similar to a screw that is inserted into the bone;
  • ABUTMENT a small metal or ceramic structure that connects the prosthesis to the implant;
  • PROSTHESIS an artificial crown that replaces the natural one.

Dental implantology

Dental implant in Janakpuri, as an artificial root firmly inserted into the bone, can effectively support a single capsule or a bridge, or they can act as excellent anchoring to an unstable or poorly tolerated denture.

Depending on the needs, it is possible to insert one or more implants, to replace a single tooth, several teeth (the partial dental prosthesis) or all the teeth of the arch (the complete dental prosthesis).

Dental implant in Vikaspuri serves to restore both the esthetic, the phonetics and the masticatory function to the patient, to fill in those dental gaps that could lead to a displacement of the residual dentition, and to avoid reaching a situation of malocclusion and disorders at the level of the temporomandibular joint.

How are dental implants made? 

They are made of titanium, a metal widely used in surgery due to its biocompatible biological neutrality and well tolerated by the human organism. Their surface is roughened in order to increase and even accelerate the possibility of osseointegration (ie the total incorporation into the bone structure) which in research was well studied and ascertained thanks to optical and electronic microscopy. Titanium implants are of various shapes, but those of the latest generation have a mostly cylindrical shape, normally have a length that varies between 6-18 mm and a diameter that varies between 3-6 mm.