Restorative dentistry for children in VikaspuriRestorative dentistry for children (under local/Anaesthesia): The tooth decay is one of the leading causes of tooth loss. It is important to treat it before it approaches the dental nerve, in order to avoid more complex procedures. Sometimes, having a caries does not hurt, for that reason, it is fundamental that we periodically check the teeth so that they do not go unnoticed.

The care and treatment of dental conditions in children are of utmost importance since it depends on the proper development and eruption of the final teeth.

As the teeth of the adult, the “milk” are attacked by caries bacteria and do not underestimate it thinking that these teeth are going to fall, because if we do not act and clean the affected tissue, this infection can affect to the final tooth and damage it.

Sometimes, it is necessary to do a pulpotomy or treatment of the nerve of the “milk” tooth to resolve the infection and keep the tooth towards its exfoliation or “fall”.

First, we will carefully clean the affected tissue and then reconstruct it with materials of the same tooth colour. Dentist in Vikaspuri will use the best products to imitate the appearance of the original tooth.