Dental crowns in VikaspuriCrowns: Dental crowns are an aesthetic treatment (since they visually replace the natural teeth of the patient), but also unlike the veneers, they also represent a functional treatment, since the dental crown reinforces the tooth, which makes it more beautiful, it becomes a more “useful” tooth.

They are used mostly in the posterior teeth (the most hidden), that is, in the premolars and molars, since they are the teeth most used in chewing and therefore, more exposed to wear and more in need of great firmness.

Dental crowns can be manufactured with various materials, although the most commonly used are porcelain, metal and zirconium.

What are the Dental Crowns for?

A dental crown has the same uses that dental veneers can have (all aesthetic), but they can also be used for other more functional purposes such as:

Reinforce teeth: If a tooth is too weak or too small, the use of the veneers would not be adequate, since they only have aesthetic utility and are limited to cover a part of the tooth. In this case, the dental crown is an ideal treatment that for the patient would suppose to have an authentic “new tooth”, bigger, stronger and prettier.

Cover the lack of teeth: If a patient has a very large space between two teeth because it has lost the tooth that was between them, it is possible to recover that lost tooth by placing dental implants in which later crowns will be placed. You could also recover teeth by a “triple crown” (a dental bridge) placed on the teeth that are (previously cut) or on other implants if necessary.