dental cleaning in VikaspuriCurettage (deep cleaning): A dental curettage is a deeper dental cleaning in Vikaspuri.

It is about cleaning the periodontal pockets where tartar builds up and this is what causes the tooth to lose firmness and gain mobility, losing teeth if remedies are not applied.

The first thing you notice if you have gingivitis:

  • It is bleeding when you wash your teeth or with some foods.
  • Inflammation of your gums
  • Your gums are a more intense, brighter red.

The reason that your gums are like this is usually caused by an accumulation of bacteria (tartar) due to the lack of a good dental cleaning.

The tartar that is in them is eliminated, which is why the curettage is deeper than normal dental cleaning in Vikaspuri.

And usually, if the revisions by dentist in Vikaspuri are frequent the soft tissue returns to do its function of the subjection of the tooth. But if left for a long time the mobility will increase.

How is dental cleaning in Vikaspuri done with curettage?

The mouth is divided into quadrants and is usually done on two different days.

The purpose of dental curettage is to eliminate excess plaque that accumulates and is cleaned with curettes. When cleaning, it is smoothed and free of impurities.

The dental curettage cleaning is deeper reaching the bottom of the periodontal pockets, eliminating tartar from below the gum line.