Rotary Root Canal Treatment in VikaspuriRotary Root Canal Treatment in Vikaspuri

Currently, there are new technologies that facilitate dental treatments. One of the great advances in the field of endodontics has been the incorporation of mechanical instrumentation systems. These systems consist of several files of different calibres, which can be attached to a micromotor very similar to that used to eliminate caries. Normally we use four to six rotary files of different calibres to perform root canal treatment in Vikaspuri, following an established sequence.

Unlike manual files, rotary or mechanical files achieve greater cleaning and debridement of the root canals, and in a much more efficient way. In the case of curved ducts, the use of these files makes us much more conservative when cleaning them, because due to their flexibility, we will modify very little the anatomy of the root canals. The treatment time is also considerably reduced, making the endodontics a much less heavy treatment for the patient.

Another advantage of these systems is the greater disinfection of the root canals, since the very vibration of these files favours the distribution and activation of the liquid that we use to irrigate and disinfect the piece.