bone grafting in VikaspuriBone Grafting: What is a bone graft?

In dentistry, bone grafting is a surgical procedure consisting of the placement of a bone filling material and a biological membrane, which protects this bone graft, in order to regenerate an area of the maxilla affected by bone loss.

When do we use a bone graft?


After tooth loss or tooth extraction, the bone undergoes a process of remodelling by default. Where previously there was a tooth root and a tooth now there is an empty space called an alveolus. This alveolus in its healing will collapse and will lose a large volume width and height.

If the dental extractions are consecutive in the maxilla, the bone loss gets worse, it becomes more extensive. When removing a tooth root, it is convenient to perform a bone graft to maintain this volume and that the alveolus does not collapse. Dentist in Vikaspuri calls this procedure alveolar preservation.


The maxillary sinuses are cavities located in the upper jaw, forming part of the airways. Its extension varies from one person to another, usually ranging from upper canine to upper second molar.

When there is a dental loss in the teeth of the maxilla related to the maxillary sinus, it is necessary to perform a bone filling or bone graft inside this maxillary sinus. We leave a link to another previous article on the maxillary sinus lift where we explain this topic in depth.


Periodontal disease is a bacterial disease that occurs with the loss of bone around the teeth, at an advanced stage there is dental mobility and finally premature loss of the teeth.

Once the periodontal disease is treated, the best dentist in Vikaspuri can perform bone grafting on the affected parts in order to prolong the life and function of the tooth in the mouth.


After the popularization of the treatment of dental implants, problems have arisen that can affect the survival of implants.

We are talking about the dreaded peri-implantitis. Bone loss around the implants. The patient may notice bleeding, swelling or redness around the implants. An X-ray will confirm the symptoms of peri-implant disease.

Sometimes Dentist in Janakpuri can perform a bone graft around the implant with problems to stop the process of bone loss.