Sinus Lift

On many occasions, patients who require dental implant in Vikaspuri to replace lost dental pieces, have significant losses of bone mass that prevent the immediate placement of the implant.

This fact has led to the development of different methods of bone reconstruction, among which is the elevation of the maxillary sinus. It is a procedure whose suitability should be assessed by the dentist in Janakpuri, according to the diagnosis on the state of the patient’s bone mass in the place where the implant should be located.

The elevation of the maxillary sinus is a technique that takes advantage of the existence of two natural cavities on both sides of the nasal passages. Its size varies according to the individuals, and its modification is used when the person lacks sufficient bone to place implants in the posterior area of the maxilla.

It is an intervention that is not particularly traumatic but requires a good command of the technique. As can be seen in the video that illustrates this information, it consists in elevating the membrane that separates the maxillary or sinus to introduce more bone mass, which will then allow the artificial piece to be implanted. The bone provided can come exclusively from the patient or be mixed with different biomaterials that fulfil the same function as the original bone mass.

As a result, a sufficient volume of bone is obtained to be able to place the implants without this implying any visible effect on the facial structure of the patient.

We have already indicated that it is a surgical technique that requires great precision. But if performed as expected, the possible complications, such as sinus membrane perforation, infections or the involvement of a nerve, are very rare. In the event that they happen, there are different techniques to correct them. It is even possible to repeat this type of intervention if there is reabsorption of the bone mass introduced into the maxillary sinus.

Given the high success rate and its versatility to approach the implantology of premolars and molars of the maxilla, it is a technique that has gradually become a habitual procedure to recover the bone necessary for implants. The best dentist in Delhi will recommend if it is the most appropriate for your case.