Gum Contouring in VikaspuriWhen we talk about smile aesthetics we always think of white teeth, uniform and well placed. All this is very important but, we will not get a beautiful smile if, in addition to all the above, the aesthetics of the gums does not accompany. A gum that is red, inflamed, or does not have a uniform scallop on all the teeth, that is, that the gum is at the same height on all teeth, will never result in a pleasant smile that is the time when gum contouring in Vikaspuri can enhance you smile.

In order to improve the aesthetics of the gums, we have different techniques of remodeling them. They are minimally invasive surgeries that will improve our smile considerably.

Techniques to improve the aesthetics of the gums


The gingivectomy is a surgical procedure performed by the periodontist, which is cut a little gum for aesthetic purposes.

Through gingivectomy, we perform the cutting of a gum section when performing a dental aesthetic treatment in the area requires us to reduce the size of the gum in a certain area.

Also, gingivectomy is currently used for the treatment of various gum-related pathologies such as gingival hyperplasia or excessive gum growth, fibrosis of the gum or to improve access to caries that is under the gum and can repair it.


To achieve the best aesthetics of the gums, there is also another procedure called gingivoplasty. It consists of remodeling the gum in order to obtain a more aesthetic tooth contour. Sometimes, it is carried out simultaneously with a gingivectomy.

Coronary lengthening

Coronary lengthening is a type of periodontal surgery that consists of reshaping not only the gum (as in gingivectomy) but also the bone that surrounds a tooth, in order to increase its length.

As its name indicates, this process allows granting greater length to one or more teeth. The objective of this technique is aesthetic and restorative since it is carried out in two cases: when there is deep caries or a fracture whose final part is below the gum line and in patients who wish to improve the aesthetics of the teeth, gums and in which it is necessary to increase the height of your teeth so that the case is aesthetically perfect.

This procedure is very interesting to improve the aesthetics of the gums in those cases with “gingival smile”. Are those people who smile when they teach a lot of gum and, however, show very short teeth. The recontouring of the remaining gum and bone will allow the patient to show a smile with more tooth and less gum.

In dental aesthetics, the periodontist is increasingly determining when it comes to shaping a smile.

Coronary lengthening is the usual treatment in our dental clinic in Vikaspuri. The intervention is carried out by local anesthesia and lasts approximately 30-40 minutes. Post-operative discomfort is treated with a simple ibuprofen-type anti-inflammatory.

In our dental clinic in Janakpuri, coronary lengthening surgery and gingivectomy is carried out by an expert dentist in Vikaspuri since the technique required to perform this type of treatment is usually only dominated by experts in the management of the tissues surrounding the teeth.