dental bridge in VikaspuriWhen one or more teeth are missing, the best dentist in Vikaspuri may propose to install a dental prosthesis. There are several options that can be put in place to solve the problem, such as dentures, although more commonly it is thought to install a dental bridge in Vikaspuri. Much less known than the crown, it is, however, one of the most frequently chosen prostheses by patients.

The bridge is fixed on two proximal teeth that take the name of abutment teeth. These teeth are reduced in volume or devitalized.

Do you want to know the advantages and disadvantages of this dental bridge in Vikaspuri? The difference between a bridge on the plant and a glued one? How much? How to install it? Or do you simply want to learn more?

Bridge or plant: what are the differences?

The bridge and the implant are two dental solutions that can replace a missing tooth. Both offer advantages, but also drawbacks. To give you all the information on these two treatments we will explain them in detail.

The bridge

This prosthesis rests on two pillar teeth, located on the sides of the missing tooth. If a pillar tooth is damaged, it will be devitalized and treated. In any case, both abutment teeth are milled by the dentist in Vikaspuri.

 The advantages

  • It can replace numerous teeth: it is quite common to install these prostheses to replace 2 or 3 missing teeth
  • Its cost is much lower than for installations
  • The aesthetic side is close to perfection, with the use of colors identical to those of the other teeth. It is practically impossible to notice.

The disadvantages

  • The abutment teeth are in many cases intact teeth that must be milled and devitalized. It is, therefore, necessary to “sacrifice” two healthy teeth.
  • The root of the tooth in the center is eliminated, so over time, the gum bone will tend to withdraw. If you want to install systems one day, it could be complicated. In this case, it is better to install them directly without using this procedure.

The implant

Even the dental implant in Vikaspuri has its advantages and its drawbacks, and it is good to know them.

The advantages

  • Leaves teeth close together and integrate completely into the jawbone
  • Every time he chews, he stimulates the bone and forces it to constantly renew itself
  • Oral hygiene is easier to maintain than other dental prostheses

The disadvantages

  • It has a high cost
  • The installation procedure requires several appointments and lasts several weeks.

What are the differences between the two prostheses?

To make a summary of the differences between the two prostheses, we can say that the dental bridge in Vikaspuri is the least expensive, with a faster treatment and installation process, and does not require invasive treatments.

The implant has a longer life, it does not need the abutment teeth to fix on and therefore it does not damage the other teeth, but it is more expensive.

The choice between these two solutions, therefore, depends on financial, functional, aesthetic issues and must consider the quality of the jawbone that will be obtained after the treatment.

The installation of a dental bridge in Vikaspuri

The installation can take place according to different procedures, but the most common is the following:

  • During the first phase, the dentist in Janakpuri performs appropriate care. The area where the tooth is missing is cured, if necessary, and the piece of the tooth that is possibly left is extracted. The abutment teeth are milled to give it the right shape.
  • During the second appointment, the dental impression is taken: the dentist in Delhi delivers it to a prosthodontist who will make the bridge. To take the impression the dentist in Uttam Nagar uses a paste that is fixed to the jaw several times and that will be the cast of the future dental prosthesis.
  • The third phase involves the installation of the bridge. It is done in a short time. The dentist then checks that the upper and lower teeth close properly and that the bridge does not cause problems. If necessary, it can file and mill the prosthesis for possible adjustments. The installation, therefore, requires only two or three appointments from your dentist in Uttam Nagar.

The installation of a bonded bridge

If only one tooth needs to be replaced, the cosmetic dentist in Vikaspuri can choose to install a bonded bridge (also called a Maryland bridge). As in the previous case, it makes an impression of the teeth and lets the prosthodontist create an intermediate tooth equipped with two metal fins, which will be glued to the inside of the adjacent teeth. The advantage of this procedure is to keep the neighboring teeth intact.

Installation of a bridge on plant

This procedure is necessary when the patient does not have teeth that can serve as a pillar. A classical prosthesis in these cases cannot be installed, and it is, therefore, necessary to use implants. It is, in any case, a relatively simple procedure.

The dental surgeon installs the implants where the abutment teeth are missing. The bridge is therefore composed of 3 crowns, two of which will be fixed on the implants.