dentures in VikaspuriOften for many patients, the idea of ​​having to install dentures can be a source of some concern, but only because they have the wrong information on the subject and more doubts and questions than answers. What are the different types of options available for dentures in Vikaspuri, what are the materials used, when is it really necessary to install them and why?

You are many to ask yourself these questions, and it is true that dentists do not always take the time to respond comprehensively. That’s why we at the dental clinic in Vikaspuri decided to talk about it and answer all the questions on this topic.

In which cases a prosthesis must be used:

Fixed or removable dentures in Vikaspuri are intended to replace one or more teeth, but also to protect damaged teeth. Not only boxers or elderly people lose their teeth, on the contrary, in most cases, but they are also the effects of caries or periodontitis that lead to having to resort to using prostheses.

This device will, therefore, replace one or more teeth to recover a correct chewing function, to prevent the other teeth from becoming misaligned and to find a beautiful smile.

Removable dental prostheses: the denture

The denture is a removable prosthesis that serves to replace one or more teeth. There are two types: 

The partial removable prosthesis 

It is a prosthesis on a rigid metal frame that replaces a part of the teeth. It rests on the gums but also on the remaining teeth thanks to the hooks. This type of removable prosthesis is a little more stable than the complete prosthesis thanks to the support offered by the teeth.

It is made of resin in the case of temporary equipment, or with a metal base, the stellite, a cobalt-chromium alloy.

The advantages

  • Integrates with the remaining teeth thanks to the hooks
  • It is much less expensive than a fixed prosthesis
  • It is more stable thanks to the hooks
  • It can accommodate other “false teeth” in case someone is still lost

The disadvantages

  • The patient must remove it after each meal to clean it
  • The best dentist in Vikaspuri cannot always hide the metal hooks. In these cases, the aesthetic side suffers.

The complete removable prosthesis

The complete removable dentures in Vikaspuri is indicated in the case of a total absence of teeth. In common parlance, it is called denture. It is made with a resin base and false teeth in resin or porcelain. The upper prosthesis remains in place thanks to the phenomenon of capillarity, while the lower one is much less stable. This is why special denture adhesives must be used. The dentist in Vikaspuri can install two dental implants and a bar on which he will fix the dentures.

The advantages

  • It is less expensive if there are no installations installed
  • The realization is simple and fast and allows the patient to finally find the masticatory function

The disadvantages

  • It may be difficult to get used to the denture
  • It can cause injuries in the mouth, especially at the beginning.
  • It must be removed after each meal to clean

Installation of a removable dental prosthesis

Installation obviously depends on the type of prosthesis. For a partial stellite prosthesis, the dentist in Janakpuri proceeds with the installation by fixing the hooks on the abutment teeth. Once installed it will proceed to make several adjustments and adjustments.

For the installation of a denture, the dentist in Uttam Nagar places it in the patient’s mouth and verifies its correct holding; here too it has to make various adjustments. It may be necessary to consult the dentist in Delhi several times to make sure that the dentures are as comfortable as possible and to check that everything is proceeding in the right direction.