Preventive Dentistry For Children in Vikaspuri Preventive dentistry for children (Fluoride applications, Pit and Fissure sealants)

Preventive dentistry, the best solution, because prevention is always easier and cheaper than treatment and for that periodic reviews are necessary for which any pathology will be treated incipiently and will even allow us to avoid the appearance of others.

The establishment and reinforcement of adequate oral hygiene, the performance of topical fluoridations in patients with a high risk of caries, the sealing of grooves and fissures in children, the early detection of lesions susceptible to malignancy, etc., are examples of a dentistry preventive, that we put at the disposal of our patients in their routine controls.

Should fluoride be given to children?

Fluoride mouthwash can be useful in the prevention of dental caries once we are sure that the child does not swallow it. There are two presentations, for daily or weekly use, differing only in the fluoride concentration.

In children over 6 years of age with a high caries risk, topical applications of fluoride gel are indicated in the dental practice. They will be performed 2-4 times a year and it is necessary to perform a previous prophylaxis (brushing) to remove the visible deposits of bacterial plaque adhered to the teeth.

What are the sealers of grooves and fissures?

The molars (molars), often have very deep grooves on their masticatory surface that favour the accumulation of plaque and it is almost impossible to access their cleaning. In these cases, once the piece is completely erupted, a low viscosity liquid resin varnish is applied, which seals these areas preventing the appearance of decay. It is a very simple and fast procedure; it is not necessary to wear the tooth.

Caries of pits and fissures account for 80-90% of all caries that affect posterior teeth and we know that prevention is better than cure.