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Root Canal Treatment (Single or multiple sittings)

Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment (Single or multiple sittings): A root canal treatment involves the removal and replacement of the pulp of a tooth. The pulp is the soft tissue that is found inside teeth and molars, and that contains blood vessels, nerves and connective tissue.

The pulp, damaged by a fracture or a deep caries lesion, cannot repair itself; Bacteria seep inside and cause irreversible damage. The damaged pulp causes an inflammation that causes more blood to arrive, generating an increase in pressure inside the tooth. In this situation, you may feel pain when taking cold or hot foods or drinks. The pain gets worse until it becomes spontaneous, at which time analgesics and dental care are needed.

Why is treatment by the dentist necessary?

Although the analgesic treatment calms the discomfort, the pulp has no ability to heal by itself, and the bacteria can reach the bone through the roots, spreading the infection and forming an abscess at the tip of the root, which will cause A lot of pain and bigger problems.

What treatment options are there when a tooth has hurt?

Root canal therapy or pulpectomy, consists of making a small hole in the tooth and cleaning the pulp residues that remain inside the tooth and its roots: they are cleaned, disinfected, shaped inside the roots and It is filled with an inert material.