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Orthognathic Surgery


Orthognathic surgery: What is an orthognathic surgery?

It is the surgery that is going to be implemented when a patient presents cranio-dental-maxillofacial deformities. It will achieve an adequate balance of the patient's features, basically the correct functionality. This results in an improvement in occlusion, adequate chewing and improvement of dental health as a whole.

It is intimately related to orthodontics, both preoperatively and with postoperative orthodontics. In fact, planning it involves a combined orthodontic procedure. After this the surgery is performed and then orthodontic treatment in the classic approach.

The orthognathicsurgery is indicated for patients class II or retrognathia and class III or undershot facial asymmetry and open bite. They are adult patients in whom orthodontics cannot correct the alteration.

Who performs orthognathic surgery?

The surgery will be performed by the maxillofacial surgeon; However, the orthodontist has an important implication in it. The coordination between both professionals is fundamental in this type of surgical treatment.

The functions performed by the orthodontist in this type of surgery are the performance of the initial evaluation, the preoperative orthodontics, the planning of the surgery and the postoperative orthodontics.