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Gum Contouring


For a beautiful smile, the appearance of the gum is as important as that of the teeth. The gum is the "frame" that surrounds and shapes the tooth. Sometimes, the overall set of the smile is not the desired and may be due to the existence of alterations in the shape or contour of the gum.

When smiling, you should see the same amount of gum on each tooth and upward curve to the sides following the line of the smile.

The Aesthetic Recontoured Gums or Gingivectomy is a microsurgical procedure by which the gums are cut, giving them a more beautiful shape and always looking for the symmetry, harmony and beauty of the whole smile.

It is a quick and simple technique with immediate results for the patient, who immediately sees his smile improved.

Gingivectomy can be used when the dental crowns are too short (that is, they are wider than high) or when there is excessive gum exposure during the smile (gummy smile). It can also be used in cases in which the gingival margins (gum border in contact with the tooth) are irregular or asymmetric. It is important to bear in mind that there is another procedure by which the same results are obtained, but it is indicated for specific cases. The coronary lengthening is used to reshape not only the gum, but also the bone, so that the gingiva does not return to its initial position. It will be the specialist doctor who determines if your case requires a gingivectomy or coronary lengthening.

In short, if you want to achieve a harmonious and well-defined smile, the aesthetic recontouring of teeth and / or gums is an effective and quick tool that will enhance the natural shape of your teeth or serve as an essential complement to achieve a better result of other treatments. of Dental Aesthetics.